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Trainings for Hospitals & Health Centres

Benefits of yoga for disabled or low mobility people are tremendous: anxiety management, coordination development, balance improvement.


10-hours trainings are provided over weekends or evenings for physio therapists from hospitals or re-education centres, to spread yoga among patients. Simple techniques are shared, multiple variations are provided for wheelchair or bed practices.

After the training, attendees are able to conduct yoga workshops including breathing exercices, simple stretches and basic yoga poses, together with some relaxation and meditation techniques.

To implement such program for your teams or within your facilities, don't hesitate to contact me!

This training was initiated successfully with La Croix Rouge in France in 2021, and here are some testimonials:



"Good teaching dynamics, usable the next day for personal and professional purposes"

"Very clear, well explained and complete training."

"Very professional trainer, smiling and  peaceful"

"Good mix of practice and theory"

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