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MiniYOGI has created a series of podcasts for kids (3-10 years old) to relax and have fun around yoga.

Episodes are short, and convenient to do anywhere, anytime!

All you need is a towel or a yoga mat.

The podcasts are available on major platforms:

To listen on iTunes / Apple, click here.

on Anchor, click here

On Spotify, click here.  

On Google (Android only), click here.

On Deezer, click here.

On PocketCasts, click here

Enjoy your listening... Breathe and Smile :-)




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Media Coverage

Think adults are the only ones getting stressed out from daily tasks and activities? Think again.

We often tend to see kids as young and carefree, not fully realizing that the little ones get stressed out too! Whether it’s from school work or their relationship with classmates and friends, this stress can make it difficult for kids to focus, relax, and process and express their emotions. This is where yoga and mindfulness come in. 

While there’s no shortage of yoga studios or meditation centres in Singapore, not all of them offer classes that are designed specifically with the little ones in mind. If you’re looking to guide your kids onto a mindful path, or simply to introduce them to the world of yoga, here are some kids yoga classes and studios to help jumpstart your search. 

Full article, please read here.

Wellness for Kids: ANZA Magazine

Pages from Online ANZA Sept19.png

The September 2019 Magazine is all about Wellness: Spa, Mindfulness, Natural recipes... and of course wellness for our little ones!

Thanks for the coverage :-)

Read the full article here.


CIS is full of talented students and it’s no surprise that we have talented parents in our midst as well. This is exactly the case with one of our CIS TK mums, Sophie Spoor. A certified yoga teacher, Sophie has added the title of author to her list of accomplishments as well. She shared her new book, ‘The Elephant of Wisdom’ - a yoga activity book for kids - with 15 primary students recently when she visited the TK library as a guest author. Sophie talks with us and shares more about the inspiration behind the book.

Find out the full article here.

TK Mum releases new kids yoga activity book

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