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Adults Yoga

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Breathe &

As an outdoor lover, Sophie's teaching adult group classes at East Coast Park (Parkland Green). Practicing yoga at the beach is an extraordinary experience. Move through Sun Salutations facing the sunrise; flow around asanas enjoying a nice breeze. Savasana – the resting time at the end of the session – is even more relaxing with the waves and birds sound!

In 2022, So Yoga will donate SGD1 per student per class to plat trees, with EcoMatcher. Practice yoga to go green :-)


Group prices vary from $25 to $35 per class, depending on the type and venue. Classes with Kate Porter Yoga are also proposed.

Hatha, Flow and Stretching exercises are proposed during the sessions. Variations and options are proposed through the classes to cater all levels of students.

Book your class here:

Refer to the Schedule page to view the timing and location!

If you wish to propose a new group class, contact me! Gift vouchers are also available upon request.

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