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Mini Yogi is a a soft, colourful Kids Yoga universe, accessible from home.


Mini Yogi is a series of yoga activity books, initiating kids (5-12 years old) to yoga. Two new books are being launched every year, available in English and in French. This playful series proposes yoga poses, breathing exercises, stories and games to stimulate imagination while entertaining and educating kids. Each book is based on an animal, representing a yoga concept: The Elephant of Wisdom, the Flamingo of Balance… 


4 Kids Yoga Mats were designed with love.. They’re shorter than adults mats, washable and incredibly soft!


Eye Pillows were created to soften kids eyes while relaxing… 


Whether or not you and your children have an opportunity to practice yoga in a studio, Mini Yogi is the perfect friend to family home practice. 

"The book is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours, the tones.. It is so soft" M.
"A great, intelligent present idea for Christmas and birthday parties!" O.
"My daughter loved the book. She kept it next to her bed" S.
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