MiniYOGI in Schools

Yoga in schools
Kids Yoga in Schools

Providing yoga within the school curriculum or after school activities is an effective and feasible way to help youth improve stress and emotional management.

For this reason, every week, MiniYOGI by So Yoga, MOE registered, is teaching yoga to hundreds of children, at school!

Yoga is mostly proposed as an after-school activity, throughout tens of international schools and pre-schools in Singapore. Students sign up for the full term, i.e. a block of 8-10 classes.

Sessions last 45 to 60 minutes, and are conducted in assemblies, halls, gyms or empty classrooms by great, energetic, passionated and specialised kids yoga coach. Classes are engaging, inclusive, non competitive, safe and ... fun!

With the MiniYOGI by So Yoga in Schools programme, all these benefits are brought to the students within their own school after-school activities.

Contact me to incorporate the programme within your school or to join the team of coaches!

The Format

Weekly classes

Before or after school

45 to 60 minutes sessions

Term of 8-10 classes

School Camps

Yoga sessions during school holidays



Yoga is part of the curriculum:

  •  incorporated within PE

  • warm-up before , or calm-down after PE