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NEW!!! The MiniYOGI cards are now available!

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Kids Yoga Books MiniYOGI
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MiniYOGI is a series of beautiful Activity Books, Cards, Mats & Accessories to help children (5-12 y.o) and families to practice yoga from home or  just anywhere! MiniYOGI develops a positive mindset, flexible body and mind, for relaxed and happy kids!


The playful book series proposes yoga poses, breathing exercises, stories and games to stimulate imagination while educating kids. Each book is based on an animal, representing a yoga concept: The Elephant of Wisdom, The Flamingo of Balance, The Lion of Strength… All the books are available in English and in French.


Kids Yoga Mats were designed with love.. They’re soft, colourful and just beautiful! Have a look at the latest "Jungle Mat". We also have a "Mummy & Me" pair of mats - to practice with the "mini you" everywhere, in style :-)


Eye Pillows were created to soften kids eyes while relaxing… 


Whether or not you and your children have an opportunity to practice yoga in a studio, MiniYOGI is the perfect friend to family home practice. 

Visit www.miniyogi.com to view the full range of products.

With MiniYOGI, enjoy hours and hours or breathing, stretching and relaxation - for a quiet home and a happy kid!

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MiniYOGI yoga mat for kid
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"The book is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours, the tones.. It is so soft" M.
"A great, intelligent present idea for Christmas and birthday parties!" O.
"My daughter loved the book. She kept it next to her bed" S.
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