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Job Openings

Sales & Business Development Assistant

I am looking for a Sales and Business Development Assistant to take care and boost MiniYOGI sales in Singapore, offline and online.


·       Build & maintain database of contacts (shops, yoga studios, events, pop ups…) in Singapore

·       Contacts shops and studios to sell MiniYOGI products, conduct sales meeting and follow ups

·       Identify key pop up and events to showcase products, especially before Christmas, prepare and manage the pop ups sales

·       Identify e-commerce platforms to sell products and place them

·       Skills Required: 

o   Organization, Spreadsheet, Sales oriented, Yoga, experience with kids, good English (spoken and written) 

o   3 hours/day for one month to start with, with 2 video-calls/feedback per week

·       Qualifications

o   Sales, Business and Marketing Diploma

o   Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Send me your application here!

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