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​Breathe & Smile is a free program for kids 6-12 y.o. and their families to improve wellness.

Every week, kids learn tools and wellbeing skills from passionate Ambassadors to develop their confidence, happiness and peace. Children will discover and explore methods like yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, singing bowls.

Every Monday at 12pm Singapore time, a Breathe & Smile Ambassador will host a class video live on Instagram. If you miss it, don't worry: you will get access to the recorded version through all the social platforms of So Yoga and of the Ambassadors themselves. So the short, fun and quality "Feeling Better" videos can be watched from anywhere :-)

If you are looking for fun, fresh ideas to boost kids happiness in their daily lives, then follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, subscribe to our Youtube channel, our podcast episodes and share them - it is the best way to share good vibes!!!

The videos will address specific themes that matters to kids and families, for instance:

  • Sleep better and avoid nightmares (yoga)

  • Happy Moves, Happy Mood (yoga)

  • Bye bye sorrow (mandala drawing)

  • Release anger and be happy (meditation)

  • The morning routine to start the day the good way (yoga)

  • 5 minutes breathing to calm down (pranayama / relaxation)​

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Access to Videos

May 2022 onwards, videos from passionate Ambassadors to improve children and families wellbeing are released every Monday.

Click here to watch them and practice with us, to feel better!

Breathe & Smile Ambassadors


Click here to tell us more about your profile and your suggested Breathe & Smile video!

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